Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why we have to tell our full name, family name and passport number?
A: Chiang Rai Bicycle tour is a license tour company. By Thai Tourism Law, every time we organize the tour we have to send tourist information to the accident insurance company.
The information have to include at least full name and family name. It's better if we send passport number along with name and family name because some people have the same name.

Q: Why we have to tell our height?

A: We will prepair bicycle that match with your height. Our bikes frame size range from 13.5 inches up to 23 inches More details about our bike >>>

Q: What should we wear on a trip?

A: Shorts and T-shirt are O.K.

Q: What type of bikes do you have?
A:We use hydraulic disc brakes mountain bikes with front suspension (Trek Marlin 6 & Trek Marlin 7) Our bikes frame size range from 13.5 inches up to 23 inches. We also have lady's frame bike, small bikes for young children, trailer bike, baby seat and tandem bike. More details>>>

Q: Do you rent bicycles?
A: We are sorry, we do not rent out our bicycle.

Q: Where is your office?
A: Our office is located outside of Chiang Rai city. It is around 7 km East of Chiang Rai city.
Most of our customer book our tour by e-mail.
      Chiang Rai Bicycle Tour
      222/6 Moo 3 Tasai Muang Chiang Rai 5700 Thailand Tel./Fax : +66 (0) 53 774506
      Available 24 hoursĀ : Mobile +66 (0) 85 6624347
     Our location on google map
     Google map : Chiang Rai Bicycle Tour
     Google map : 19.855215, 99.837258

Q: What do you mean support car?
A: The guide can call our driver for a support car when necessary. The can will not always follow the tour.

Q: Do you organize tour in hot season and rainy season.
A: Yes, we organize tour all year round. When it rain we provide our guests with a poncho.